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• Brochure Websites

A basic html site aimed at effectively marketing your company. This is an excellent way to share information that’s important to your target clients and increase your online visibility. As a prestigious creative web design company will work closely with you to manage your brand creatively and professionally to create the best possible website for your business.

• E-Commerce Websites

When you sell your products online your store is not only open around the clock, it has the ability to sell to the entire internet community- which is a much larger geographical region than any one store location could handle. On all of our e-commerce web site development projects we focus on creating extremely easy and intuitive navigation systems; a safe and secure check-out process; and brilliantly displayed product shots for your customers.

We also offer customized automation features that can enhance your e-commerce site, such as sending your customers e-mail order confirmations, tracking shipment routes, alerting customers when an order is due for renewal, and a variety of other functions. Your back-end database within your site can also synchronize seamlessly with your internal accounting system software, thus making your inventory management and accounting a piece of cake. If you own a business, take advantage of the unprecedented profits that could be generated from your online store by starting with a leader in web design Orange county today!

• Content Management Systems

A back-end platform that allows you easily update and manage your website. At Creation Arts, our creative studio offers a fully customizable Content Management System (CMS) in addition to open-share CMS such as WordPress. CMS has the power to transform your site from a static website to an interactive marketing tool for your business. You can update your site content on a regular basis, to help cater to a continually changing market. This will do wonders for your SEO; fresh content will help your site rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Having control over your site will save you both time and money in the long run while giving you the peace of mind that your site is within your hands.

• Flash Websites

A dynamic portal into your business that is complete with motion graphics, animation and visual effects. If you want to take your branding to the next level by adding compelling, fluid visual effects to your website, then Flash is for you. Synchronized movement and music will give your site the “wow” factor it needs and reenergize your company’s identity. At Creation Arts, our creative web development team can provide you with a custom built flash intro that will generate excitement about your products and entice them to explore the site further. We can also design an interactive navigation that will make maneuvering through your site a stimulating venture.

Fully designed Flash sites cannot be properly indexed by search engines, and therefore are used primarily by established brands or companies who are as not as concerned with SEO. If your target audience is comprised of a higher percentage of mobile users, we can create a secondary mobile optimized site for you in addition to your Flash website development

*Flash currently cannot be viewed on most mobile devices, including the iPad.

• Social Media Websites

A way of connecting people with shared common interests. There are billions of online users surfing the web today most of which are unaware of one another. A social media website is an excellent way to bring people together who share a common interest and give them the opportunity to interact with one another. Maybe it’s a photo sharing site like Flickr or a website that supports a non-profit cause like Memories of a Soldier. Facebook and twitter are wildly successful social media sites that connect people who are interested in each others daily lives. Our Irvine Creative Agency company can offer features to your site that encourages user participation and interactivity that will make the overall experience more enjoyable for your target clients.

• Blog Websites

A captivating online publication written and updated entirely by you. A blog is an excellent way to share your opinions, knowledge and media with the world. The culmination of your written thoughts and media which can include photographs, videos, podcasts etc. can make your blog both informative and entertaining for your target audience. You can answer their questions, advertise special promotions and customize the content to their specific interests. Lastly, a blog that is constantly updated with fresh, new information can greatly enhance your SEO.

• Personal Websites

A site dedicated to showcasing and promoting you. While brochure sites are generally focused on highlighting the services of a company, personal website are all about you. Maybe you’re a wildly talented new actor who wants to share your commercials with the public or an up and coming musician who wants to make your songs available to download. No matter who you are or what your profession may be, we can provide you with a fully personalized site just for you that includes: blogs, galleries, videos and so much more!

• Mobile Device Compatible Websites

A new or existing website that has been optimized for mobile devices. Everyday, more and more users are accessing the Internet through their personal mobile devices. Creation Arts can prevent you from loosing out on targeting such a large market share by ensuring your site is compatible with the latest technology.

• Search Engine Optimization

A way of directing traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking results. At Creation Arts, our Irvine Creative Agency team can integrate search engine optimization techniques onto your site that will make your business easier to find on the internet and as a result, more profitable. Copywriters at Creation Arts can update your site monthly through creating fresh content for blogs, press releases and newsletters.

All of our websites, unless otherwise specified, are built and structured to be entirely SEO friendly; this enables you to easily add on additional SEO practices in the future and thus keep your search engine rankings high.

• Copywriting

Content creation centered on improving the overall experience and understanding of your website. Our Irvine Creative Agency studio offers high quality copywriting services that can be customized to almost any field. The content we input to your site will not only improve your website development through the use of keywords, but also contribute to a complete, comprehensive design that will more effectively market your brand.

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