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A motion graphic video that brings to life your product or service through a creative narrative.

With the predominance of live actor commercials available today, animated commercials can reignite a sense of childhood nostalgia in your target audience while still maintaining the professional integrity of your product. Additionally, animation is an excellent way to portray sensitive topics or ones that want to push the creative limits of a live action video.

Video Production

Creation Arts wide range of services include producing projects in all mediums of advertising. Our unique structure offers the perfect environment to bring your project to life. With years of industry experience in commercials, music videos, Internet content and short projects, our staff is well equipped to support shoots and events of any proportion. Our goal remains to execute professional and innovative projects while remaining budget conscious.

Interactive Advertising

The utilization of interactive media to promote products, brands, services or public service announcements.

With millions of users worldwide, the Internet has become the marketing tool of the 21st century. Our creative firm can design ads that will help you reach a multitude of clients from various locations, backgrounds and cultures. Ads can feature exciting animations about the product you are selling and redirect clients to your website where they can purchase that product. They can also generate awareness about campaigns and spark an interest in viewers to become more involved.

PowerPoint Presentations

A presentation comprised of multiple slides that acts as your visual aid when showcasing a particular area of expertise.

People can be categorized as an audio or visual learners, but most can be seen as a combination of both. This is why having a strong visual aid to complement your verbal presentation is so crucial to your success. Our Orange County Creative firm can create a clean, professional PowerPoint for you that will electrify potential clients and colleagues alike. Tailored to your specific needs, from simple to complex, with animation or without, presentations designed by Creation Arts will help you land the contract, sell the project, or effectively communicate your company’s image.

Flash Presentations

A visually compelling animation that showcases your company’s products or services. Where traditional presentations are lacking, Flash presentations have the extra spark that’s sure to grab your audience’s attention and keep their interest. With nearly limitless possibilities, Flash presentations are great for product promotion, sales presentations, employee recruiting, training and motivational tools, virtual 360° tours, and much more. Flash Introductions

Flash Introductions

A visually compelling animation that can be viewed as a introduction to your homepage on your website.

At U Creation Arts, our OC creative team can create a compelling flash introduction that will entice users to explore your site further rather than skip over it as they do with the hundreds of sites they view every day. An intro can add dynamism and movement to a static html site while still maintaining the seamlessness of the overall design.

CD-Rom & DVD Presentations

A promotional, portable disc of your company that can be widely distributed. CD-Rom & DVD Presentations are excellent ways to capture and distribute any visual information you use to promote your product. This may come in the form of an infomercial, a tutorial, animation or any other visual display that would effectively market your product. Our website design firm will not only create the portable discs for you, we’ll design its packaging and label design as well.

2D & 3D Rendering

Hand drawn or computer rendered artwork in a flat or 3-dimensional format that can be used as a visual aid for your company internally or for your target audience. At Creation Arts, our creative team’s combined art and design expertise are at your disposal. Our 2D and 3D graphic renderings can act as powerful visual aids to any marketing campaign, proposal or internal presentation you might have. This can be done through a photographic simulation, such as a architectural landscape of buildings, trees, benches etc. that need to be drawn to scale; a complex illustrated metaphor, such as a flow chart; or an entertaining cartoon to promote your product, such as a wildly colorful stage set.

There are no limits to our artistic abilities when it comes to creating effective marketing pieces. Our website design firm can render anything from black and white line art, to grayscale or colored 3-D modeling, to technical drawings. Utilizing our services will help co-workers and clients more efficiently process the messages you are trying to convey.


If your goal is to maintain a client base that will generate residual profits for your company, e-newsletters are key. Our website design firm can provide you with extremely cost-effective e-newsletters, that are capable of reaching your clients in real time and reducing the amount of waste your company creates. E-newsletters can share new information about your company and advertise any special promotions you might have.

They can also serve as valuable marketing tools since they can track the response rate of your clients that in turn will help you improve your existing marketing strategies.

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