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A strong, effective design that is reflective of your company’s values, qualities and services. This design is consistently executed across all platforms of your company’s marketing material. A brand identity is also a design that is easily identifiable, highly recognizable and a timeless piece of work.

• Logo

A solid, highly recognizable mark that captures the identity of your company. As the cornerstone of a strong business identity, a logo is the foundation upon which an entire brand is built. This mark can speak volumes about your company: who you are, what you represent and the overall look and feel of your business. It will also achieve what cannot normally be done simply through words: it will leave an indelible mark in the minds of your target audience.

• Business Cards

A memorable leave behind that gives your contacts a way to reach you. At Creation Arts, our Irvine creative graphic design team can create a leave behind for you that pushes the boundaries of a normal 2x3in. business card. We can provide you with a custom designed card printed on a thick card stock that is smooth to the touch. We also offer a variety of custom shapes and sizes as well as unique printing. A well-designed business card will reinforce your admiral first impression long after your first meeting.

• Letterheads

A document used internally or externally by your company to send important information. A thoughtfully designed letterhead reinforces your brand’s image and makes correspondence with a customer a chance to strengthen the perception of your company’s quality. Letterheads can be used to send memos, letters and invoices in a professional yet creative manner that will speak volumes about your company.

• Catalog

A publication that uniquely showcases information about your company’s products. At Creation Arts, our Irvine creative graphic design company can deliver to you an online or offline catalog that is specifically marketed towards your target audience. We can include large, aesthetically pleasing photographs of your products and arrange them in a hierarchical fashion so that it’s easy for your target clients to navigate. We can also custom taylor the design to make your clients feel as though your catalog was made just for them – complete with all the right products they were searching for.

• Flyers

An attention-grabbing page advertising your company’s products and services. A flyer is an extremely effective way of generating excitement about your product through its innovative design and mass distribution. With so many advertisements being distributed today, we can design a flyer for you that stands out from your competitors. Whether you need a flyer for a magazine, newspaper or even just a wall posting, our Irvine creative graphic design firm can provide one to you that delivers.

• Advertisements

A publication space that effectively promotes a company’s products and services. At Creation Arts, our OC Irvine graphic design team can create an ad for you that will bring attention to your product or service while reinforcing your company’s branding. We will take into consideration the placement of your ad throughout the design process as well as the target market you are trying to reach.

• Brochures

An informational pamphlet that shares vital information about your company. You have a new product that’s ready to launch and you have a myriad of information you want to share about it. Our California graphic design company covering the Orange County areas can help you organize and present that information in a way that will have the biggest impact on your target audience. Brochures are an excellent way to keep your company in the minds of potential clients because it provides them with vital information they can reference in the future.

• Newsletters & E-Newsletters

An online or print publication that details the news and services of a company. Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in contact with prospective or past clients. You can send exciting information about current events or special promotions you might have. E-newsletters are cost effective, timely in reaching your clients and eco-friendly. They also allow you to keep track of your clients’ response rates, which will help improve your marketing efforts as a whole.

• Folders

A printed piece used to protect and creatively package your marketing collateral. Our Orange County graphic design studio offers custom designed folders that can hold documents, business cards, CDs or any other marketing materials you might have. Utilize our design expertise to ensure that your overall presentation reinforces your branding. A well-designed folder should exudes the same professionalism and quality your company prides itself on.

• Postcards

A card that can be used as a successful medium for advertising. Announce your company’s products and services via through a customized post card! They are one of the most cost-effective methods to reach your target audience and increase product awareness. A well-designed post card is also a quick and efficient way to connect with your clients on a more personal level.

• Menus

A printed piece that creatively displays your selection of food courses. Does your restaurant menu highlight the dishes that you want to sell? Does the quality of the design, layout and photographs match that of the delectable dishes you serve? Our Orange County graphic design team can design a menu for you that does all those things and more.

• Trade Show Displays & Booths

Large scale displays that introduce audiences to a complete brand experience. Trade shows displays and booths are often featured at expos, conventions and fairs because they can achieve something most other communication mediums can’t: they allow audiences to fully experience what a company’s brand has to offer. At Creation Arts, we offer custom booth design, large-scale banners, posters, product displays, floor stickers, hand-out materials and just about any multimedia presentations you might need. We view this as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s products in a way that truly speaks to your target clients

• Media Kits

A customizable package of information designed to leave a memorable impression on the client. You’ve just made one of the most dynamic presentations of your life to a large client you are trying to obtain. This, however, means nothing without a great media kit leave behind to complement your presentation. Our media kits can include: press releases, CDs, fact sheets, brochures, postcards, etc. Let our graphic design company create a leave behind for you that accurately reflects who you are and what you’re trying to market.

• Product Packaging Design

Design used to encase, protect and sell products for distribution. While advertising and marketing help promote a specific product you are trying to sell, the design of its packaging is what will entice people to buy the product. Whether it is a high-end perfume line that needs a custom designed shell package or a video game DVD cover that needs a creative edge, our OC graphic design team will deliver an outstanding product.

• T-Shirt & Apparel

Any printed clothing items that are branded with your company’s identity. If you literally want to wear your brand, whether it may be at an event or a company function, having custom designed apparel is the way to go. You can become a walking billboard for your company that sparks people’s curiosity and speaks about what your brand stands for.

• Corporate Forms

An informational document designed to promote and highlight the qualities of your specific product or service. If you are a business owner, chances are you are selling a product that solves a problem your potential clients deal with in their lives. A professionally written white paper can explain in detail to your highly cognitive complex audience how exactly your product or service can benefit him or her. This is excellent for companies in the science or medical field who need to capture clients from an analytical standpoint.

• Invoices

A statement that clearly outlines a list of work and fees. Much like a fax sheet, invoices can often be seen as a rather mundane piece of paper. However, our Orange County graphic design team can help you get the most use out of that invoice by correctly highlighting important information in a layout that is easy to read for your clients.

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